Rich is a dedicated worker who goes the extra mile. He treats all clients with an excellent level of customer service and where he doesn't have an immediate solution to a difficult IT problem, he will research one and resolve issues to the best of his ability. Rich is trustworthy, reliable, skilled and very experienced in programming, design and web development. His teamwork attitude ensures he is a great asset to any IT team.

John Garrett | softcomweb.com.au

Rich Brown has been our saving grace over the last 6 years for the myriad of projects we send to him. The ridiculously wide range of challenges that we need are quickly and magically accomplished every time.

Before we started working with Rich we would get an idea about something and go through our list of talent and realize that the scope of the project was going to be extended and more expensive because we'd have to use different companies to complete one task.

When we found Rich life became easy. His incredible depth of knowledge of graphics mixed with superb web ability makes every project simple and fast. The projects work out of the box because he's constantly acquiring new knowledge not because he has to, but because he wants to.

Beyond the technical and graphics scope, Rich is a great person to work with. He has a can do attitude and just gets the job done. In short, we love this man. We vision, he implements, project done.

Christopher Warren | ambayagold.com

I had a very detailed vision of the website I wanted to have for my horse sessions. With Rich's help, I now have exactly the website I always wanted! He is extremely easy to work with, and is an absolute computer whiz in many ways. Rich get things done in a very timely manner and comes highly recommended.

Adele Sands | harmonywithhorsessedona.com and journeyinspirit.com

Rich was the mastermind behind the modification of a complicated CSS template into a simple and easy to use website. There were three different bosses pulling him in separate directions on the design, and we were impressed how his calm attitude solved each problem with a simple solution. Today, we are still using the platform that Rich created to display our various properties in a professional manner.

Brad and Larry Eversull | eversullcommercialproperties.com

Rich is a very kind and considerate, creative designer. He is patient with the process from concept to completion - this is a major attribute. His prices are very fair  I always feel I have gotten good value for my clients.  I enjoy working with him.

trina Becksted | cloudninemarketing.com

Rich designed my website with me and then wrote the code for it. I am happy with the way it came out; he did a great job. I found him to be a good listener and skilled at implementing my ideas into a workable website. He is easy going and flexible and able to work with whatever ideas I come up with. Rich is creative and came up with several ideas and suggestions which improved the look of my homepage and webpage layout and menus. He is also good at meeting deadlines and finished my website in the time we agreed on. Finally, Rich is knowledgeable about Dreamweaver and Photoshop - the 2 main programs usually used to create websites. I am continuing to work with Rich on updating and improving my website now.

Daniel Maddux | mayantempleenergies.com